Understanding Your Community Recycling Program

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Recommendations To Help You Recycle Within Your Household

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When you are able to reuse and recycle items, you avoid the use and waste of virgin materials and you keep excess waste out of the landfills and help the environment. The more you can recycle items from your household, the more impact you can have on the environment, whether you recycle with a local recycling service, purchase recycled materials and products made from recycled materials, or reuse items with your own use. Here are some recommendations that you can use in your household to recycle more efficiently and thoroughly.

Reuse and Recycle Your Water

One of the most important commodities that you can recycle today, especially with the drought conditions and lack of water in many parts of the United States and the world. When you use water in your home, it normally rinses down the drain and into the sewers. However, you can reuse a great amount of water from your home by recycling it for use in your landscaping and garden watering. Install a greywater collection tank in your yard that is connected to all water waste except for the toilets. You can also attach a pump to the grey water tank to pump it up and out onto your yard's landscaping.

Another way to recycle the water you use, you can collect water from your sink when you rinse dishes, produce, and other items. Use the water collected to deposit it outside on your trees or other vegetation as it needs to be irrigated during the stress of summer.

Buy Recycled Products

There are a great number of products that you can buy for yourself and your household that are produced using recycled products and packaging to help reuse items that would have otherwise gone to the landfills. And the more you use these products, the more your local stores will keep them in stock or the more support you will provide for independent suppliers to boost the production of these types of products. 

For example, there are teeth whitening products that use recycled waste from producing sugars, or you can buy and use air filters from recycled materials. When you need to install a new driveway or paved area in your yard, look to use 100 percent recycled asphalt materials. There are so many recycled products available and with the convenience of the internet and search capabilities, you can find them easier than ever before. Look for recycling solutions in your area.