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3 Steps To Making The Most When Scrapping Metal

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Scraping metal can be a great way to earn a side income. If you get good enough at it, scrapping metal can even turn into a full-time income source for you. Scrapping metal involves finding metal that needs to be recycled and taking it to a scrap yard that will pay you for the metal. If you want to make some money scrapping metal, making it worth your time, you need to do more than just pick up random scrap metal.

Sort Metal by Type

The first thing you need to do is learn how to identify the different types of metal and sort each metal by its type. Sorting the metal you collect by the type of metal is one way to help you get more money when you take it to the scrap yard. Some metal is more valuable than others, and by having everything sorted when you get to the scrap yard, you will ensure you are getting paid the fair market price for each type of metal you have collected.

To make this process more efficient, you are going to want to have different containers for each type of metal. All of the containers don't need to be the same size. Perhaps if you tend to find a lot of copper and aluminum to scrap, you will have large containers for those types of metals, but  smaller containers for less frequently found metals, such as brass.

Try and sort the metal as you collect it. That way, when you have a full load, you can head to the scrap yard and will not have to dedicate time to sorting out a huge pile of mixed metals.

Clean Up Your Scrap Metal

Next, you need to clean up your scrap metal. If you want to get a fair price for the scrap metals that you have collected, you need to make sure that there are not multiple metals attached together. Disconnect different types of metals from one another so you can get the value for each different type of scrap metal.

Metals often have attachments or casings that go over the metal. Be sure to remove any attachments or casing so that the true metal is exposed.

Secure Your Scrap Metal

The truth is, you are not the only person who is out their collecting scrap metal to sell, which is why you need to keep your scrap metal safe. Store your scrap metal in containers in your truck or vehicle. Be careful about where you park your vehicle. and store the metal inside of your garage or shed.

When you collect scrap metal, always be sure to ask permission, and don't just haul off with someone else's scrap metal.

When it comes to getting the most possible money out of your scrap metal, you will want to learn about the different types of metal and sort your scrap metal by metal type. You are going to want to clean up your metal before turning it in and be sure to store your metal somewhere safe in between drop-offs at the scrap yard.

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