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3 Ways Get Rid Of A Car You No Longer Drive

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If you own a car you don't drive anymore because it's too old for the road or doesn't even run, it can be little more than an eyesore sitting on your property. If you want to get rid of your old clunker in a positive way here are 3 things you can do with a car you no longer drive.

Part it out

If you need to make some money off your old ride, you can part it out to score some cash. The steering wheel, doors, alternator, battery, seats, and even the bumper or fender can all be small money makers you can benefit from. The key to parting out a junk car is patience: it can take several months to find a buyer for all the parts you are listing online or in your local paper. Don't forget that you can also sell the vehicle for scrap metal after all the parts have been removed and sold.

Donate it

Many charities can benefit from a donated car that still runs, and you can feel great about helping out your community if you go this route. Your donated car can later be sold by the charity to help them raise money they need or can be used as a transport vehicle for families or supplies in the community. You can even receive a tax credit for donating your old clunker, which is a great benefit for you.

Recycle it

If you need to get rid of a poorly running or non-working car quickly, consider recycling the whole vehicle. You can receive the current cash value for the scrap metal your car will produce, minus any towing fees if you have the car removed from your home by the company. You will receive a check for your vehicle once it has been weighed and crushed. You can even call several recycling plants in your community for a quote on how much you can get for your car so you can get a competitive price for your vehicle.

Keep in mind that until you get rid of an older or junk car you no longer drive, you will still need to keep its registration current in your city to avoid potentially receiving a fine. Talk to city officials about other ways you can get rid of your vehicle so you know all the options for removal your community has to offer. Until you have your vehicle removed from your property, keep it covered with a tarp or car cover to prevent children or curious animals from getting inside. For more information, you can also contact companies like TVM Recycling.