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Top Reasons That Your Restaurant Should Use A Grease Trap Maintenance Service For Grease Collection And Disposal

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If you are a restaurant owner, then you know how important it is to ensure that everything is clean in order to achieve the greatest success for your business. While you work hard to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen, dining room, and customer restrooms, you may not always think about your grease trap and how its condition can affect other elements of your restaurant. In fact, the grease that accumulates in grease traps during the normal operation of a commercial kitchen can cause major issues if left untreated. To combat this problem, you can call a professional grease trap maintenance service to properly collect and dispose of the grease waste in a safe and compliant manner. These are the top reasons to bring in qualified technicians to keep your restaurant's grease trap clean. 

1) Grease build-up can lead to bacterial overgrowth and significant damage to your plumbing.

Your grease trap is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria due to the old food waste that is captured there. You'll know that something is wrong when you begin to notice that your grease trap is emitting an unpleasant odor. As the toxins grow, the bacteria could create a strong sulfuric acid that will destroy your grease trap and send an overwhelming smell into your restaurant. Additionally, once the fatty waste solidifies, your plumbing can suffer major damage. This mass of grease could force the trap to overflow and contaminate your drainage system. The best solution is to call a grease trap maintenance service to collect the grease before the bacteria is able to become too powerful.

2) A dirty grease trap can result in steep penalties and fines.

When health inspectors visit your restaurant for routine check-ups, they will want to confirm that your grease trap isn't causing cross-contamination with your plumbing outflow. If any grease waste is detected in the water, you could incur severe fines for violating health code laws. Serious instances of grease pollution can even force your restaurant to shut down completely until the problem is corrected. Having a grease trap service perform thorough maintenance of your grease trap and collect the excess oil before an inspection can help you stay compliant and prevent penalties. 

3) Failure to clean your grease trap adequately could have terrible results for the environment.

A clogged grease trap can cause harmful runoff to leak into the surrounding areas and create trouble for the natural environment. For example, the ground could become polluted and destroy nearby vegetation, while the habitats and food supply of local wildlife could sustain substantial damage. If the overflow is extensive, then shorelines, water treatment plants, and city sewage systems could all feel the adverse effects. The consequences of an unruly grease trap may be seen in the environment for years, so it is crucial to contact a grease trap maintenance service before it's too late.

Don't wait to schedule some time for a professional grease trap maintenance service to inspect your restaurant's grease trap and collect the waste safely and effectively.