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Things To Do Before Sending Your Vehicle To An Automobile Recycling Center

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If you have decided that your vehicle has seen better days and is really not fit for the road anymore, you might want to send it off to an automobile recycling center. Of course, before you do that, you might want to take a few moments to check out the following suggestions of things that you should do first. 

Remove All Speakers And The Radio

Even if the radio in your vehicle is the original radio, someone may want to buy it off of you, or it might fit in another vehicle that you end up owning. Since many people experience problems with their radio and speakers at some point in time, if yours are still working properly, you will want to keep them.

Change Out The Tires

Do not make the mistake of leaving any brand new tires that you just put on the vehicle. While many recycling centers expect there to be tires on the vehicle, they are not usually concerned with the amount of tread on them. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to put on some used tires with less tread and keep the tires with excellent tread. You can typically find used tires for sell fairly cheap online or at a mechanic's garage that is trying to make some extra money off of the old tires he removed from the vehicles of customers. Then, you can either save the good tires for when you need them, or sell them and get some money for them.

Have The Good Parts Removed

Most automobile recycling centers do not expect all of the vehicles that come to them to be in working order. In fact, problems with working may be one of the top reasons a car is sent off to a recycling facility. All the recycling center is worried about is the frame of your vehicle, as the money they will get will be from compressing and recycling the metal. Therefore, you might want to hire a mechanic or family friend to remove any parts that are still functioning well, such as the battery, alternator, exhaust, air conditioning compressor, and anything else that you can think of. You can either reuse those parts in another vehicle or sell them to someone who can use them.

With those three things in mind, you should find that you are well prepared to get what you need out of your vehicle before sending it off to be recycled.