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Dumpster Placement Tips For Stress-Free Maintenance

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Proper maintenance of a dumpster is necessary if you want to avoid rodent and bad odor problems around your home. You have to regularly clean your dumpster so as to reduce the rate of bacterial build-up. You have to also ensure that you wrap any foodstuffs in plastic bags so as to discourage rodents from setting [up] camp in your home. Cleaning the area around the dumpster is a must. And so is making sure that the dumpster lid is always closed.

Bad dumpster placement can make it hard to do any of these tasks. The following are tips that can help you get it right when it comes to dumpster placement.

Sloping area

Cleaning is necessary in order to get rid of any garbage particles that get stuck after emptying the roll off dumpster. The problem is that the water that rolls off during the cleaning process can contain food particles and other waste products that may serve as rodent and fly magnets. This water may even cause the area around the dumpster to smell hence leading to bad odor problems around the home.

To keep this from happening, it is always advisable that you place the dumpster in an area that slightly slopes towards your drain system. Doing so will ensure that the dirty water that runs off during cleaning doesn't cause a waste particle accumulation problem. This also helps to reduce the chances of the formation of water pools around the dumpster, something that will ease your dumpster maintenance load.

Concrete slab/floor

Placing the dumpster in an area with a hard surface such as a concrete slab is advisable. This is because a concrete surface is easy to clean. With a concrete surface, the chances of the dirty runoff water getting absorbed and soaking the area around the dumpster are minimal.

The other reason why a hard surface is preferred is because the dumpster can sink in soft surfaces such as dirt-covered or grass-covered surfaces. This, in addition to the weight of the garbage, may make moving the dumpster harder. It is therefore bound to complicate the cleaning process.

Clear area

Placing your dumpster in an area that is free of tall grass and weeds will make it more convenient for you to clean. This is because these growths can hide food particles and any other garbage spills. Trying to pry any garbage spills from the growths will require way more patience and energy. There is also the fact that a clear area will allow you more cleaning space.