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Four Types Of Waste Management In Which You Could Pursue And Build A Career

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If you are a young, fresh-faced college kid with aspirations of changing the way people dispose of their waste, then a career in waste management might be the right choice for you. Did you know that there are four types of waste management, and that there are various jobs and job titles in each? To get a better idea of which type of waste management you would like to pursue a career in, the descriptions of these four types of waste management are located below.

Human Waste Management

Usually, when most people think of waste management, they think of human waste--feces, urine and menstrual blood. Careers in this field will have you testing water, purifying it, processing human waste before disposing of it according to government regulations. It takes a strong stomach and nose to work in this type of waste management, but it also pays well.

Garbage Waste Management

The next, most commonly associated type of waste with waste management careers is garbage. All of that stuff you put in a bag and throw curbside weekly falls under waste management too, but of a different kind. Working in garbage management, you could drive a garbage truck, pick up the cans and empty them into the truck, drive a truck that picks up and empties dumpsters or even manage the routes and workers that operate those routes.


Recycling is its own type of waste management because nothing is really being destroyed or buried. Instead, this third type of waste management involves melting down plastics, turning papers and cardboard into reusable paper pulp, and smelting and purifying used metals to create new products. This type of waste management often appeals to those who like to promote a greener earth, and who may not be able to stomach garbage or human waste.

Dumpster Rentals, Disposals and Transports

Finally, if you want to go into business for yourself, you can choose a career in dumpster rental, transport and content disposal. This type of waste management allows you to provide a much-needed service to construction crews and homeowners who all need to throw away debris and remodeling refuse. You would have to organize delivery and pick-up of the dumpsters, and then create and maintain contracts with the recycling plants and city dumps so that the contents of all of the dumpsters can be disposed of. In this line of work, you are essentially acting as a private contractor for waste management while acting as the go-between of other government funded and operated facilities. Contact a business, such as B-P Trucking Inc, for more information about waste management and trucking.